An in-depth study of the book of Acts. Topics include: birth of the early church, Paul's conversion, the ministries of Paul, Philip, Peter, and Paul's missionary journeys.

This course reviews how we got the Bible, its unique status in world literature, its structure, names, divisions, figures of speech, central focus on Jesus Christ, how to study the Bible, the major differences between Bible translations & more.

This course provides a foundation for successful Christian living. Topics covered include prayer, fasting, the Word, the Christian family, stewardship, spiritual warfare, and more.

An introduction to the great doctrines of the Bible including: the Godhead, the person and nature of Jesus Christ, divine healing, water baptism, salvation, eternal judgment, and more.

A detailed study of the four Gospels including the birth of Christ, period of inauguration, early and later Galilean ministry, Jesus' Judean ministry, the Passion Week, and the Resurrection.

This course establishes the need for, and many benefits of, home bible study evangelism. Students will learn how to effectively teach home Bible Studies.