1.      Evangelism and Farming                                                             

2.      Introducing the Farmers                                                             

3.      Between Sowing and Reaping                                                   

4.      The Lost Harvest                                                                         

5.      What Is Evangelism?                                                                   

6.      Whom to Evangelize?                                                                 

7.      Who Evangelizes?                                                                       

8.      The Evangelistic Church                                                             

9.      Vision                                                                                            

10.  Burden                                                                                             

11.  Why Evangelize?                                                                           

12.  Why Not Evangelize?                                                                   

13.  Where to Evangelize?                                                                   

14.  When to Evangelize?                                                                     

15.  Which Tools to Use?     

Praying With Purpose

Making a Difference with our Prayers

"It's hard to fall when you are already on your knees."

Praying With Purpose Making a Difference with our Prayers





Table of Contents                                                                                             Page

 Introduction:    The Network of Prayer                                                                                                                                                4

Article: The World Network of Prayer—A National’s Perspective

Lesson 1:           Hindrances to Prayer (A Lesson on Repentance & Forgiveness)                    

Lesson 2:          Being a Man the Devil Knows    

Lesson 3:          The Power of Praying               

Lesson 4:          World Changing Prayers  

Lesson 5:          PRAYER - The Force Behind Evangelism           

Lesson 6:          Kingdom Praying  

Article: Prayers that Reach the World  

Lesson 7:          Praying for Others (Making a Difference)        

Article: Prayer Works -- God's Orchestration  

Lesson 8:          Intercessory Praying   

Article:  Praying for the Prodigal 

Lesson 9:          Can God Trust You With the Future?  

Pamphlet:  How to Pray for Families  

Lesson 10:         Senior Citizens Serving Through Prayer  

Pamphlet:    Generation to Generation   

Lesson 11:         Praying for Our Children 

Pamphlet:  How to Pray for Children  

Lesson 12:         Teaching our Children to Pray 

Lesson 13:         Praying with Children to Receive the Holy Ghost

Lesson 14:         Leadership Praying          

Pamphlet:       How to Pray for our Leaders  

Lesson 15:         Prayerless Leaders = Prayerless Church  

Lesson 16:         History's Greatest Prayer Meeting     

Testimony:  What if She had not been Faithful to a Prayer Meeting              

Lesson 17:         Praying Like Jabez      

Lesson 18:         Building a Prayer Memorial     

Lesson 19:         God Listens to the Demands of the Desperate    

Lesson 20:        Let Us Pray with Boldness   

Lesson : Let Us Pray for Boldness (James Poitras) from ACTS: God’s Training Manual for Today’s Church

Lesson 21:         An Overcoming PRAYER Life    

Lesson 22:        Persistent Praying        

Lesson 23:       Prayer Changes Things! Prayer Changes Us!