Isn’t it thrilling to think of yourself as a DISCIPLE OF CHRIST? You have been born again John 3:3-5, and as commanded in II Peter 3:18, you are now in the process of growing in

Grace and the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. DID YOU KNOW…That Jesus came into the world that you may have eternal life and have it more ABUNDANTLY? (John 10:10) That Paul admonished his converts to be “…strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.” (Ephesians 6:10) That God gave us the Holy Bible, so the child of God could be perfect (mature or full grown), and be completely furnished for every good work? (II Timothy 3:16-17) This Training, “Back to the Basic Training for Life” was written for you with the purpose that God had in mind for your life. God wants you, HIS LITTLE CHILD, to become A CHAMPION. In order to become a champion in any area of life, one must submit to DISCIPLINE AND TRAINING. This course will give you the practical outline, exercise, and proper guidance, which will lead to a successful, abundant life. Read the ascribed lesson, fill in the blanks EVERY DAY, and STRIVE TO MAKE AN “A.” Repeat the DAILY DECLARATION at least once every morning and evening. Repeat the memory verse every morning and evening until you have memorized it. We look at the early New Testament disciples with starry eyes and think of them as “Spiritual Giants” or “Heroes of the Faith. Yet, by following the simple steps outlined in this course, you will become a real Bible disciple in this 21st Century. God will use you to bless and help your family as He used the New Testament disciples 2,000 years ago.

Remember, Jesus said that when you pray, enter into thy closet and shut the door. Why? Because He wants the person not to be distracted as he prays aloud. When one prays aloud and knows he is praying properly, it will create real confidence and boldness in one’s prayer life. Congratulations and God bless you. Always remember, NOW YOU ARE HIS DISCIPLE, and you can expect Him to help you just as He helped the disciples who lived for Him in the Bible days. Yours for Spiritual Growth,